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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Apologies for not been writing any entries for the past 2 months. Had a very busy and tight schedule which makes me didn't had the spare time for this. Finally I make an effort to post something today.

Shall start off with those bad stuffs. Kenny met an accident 2 days ago. 10 days ago, I been fined for illegally parking at private property and TODAY just recieved an IMPORTANT letter from LTA, but I wasn't home so the postman drop a note to ask me to collect the letter at the Post Office itself tomorrow. It doesn't seems to be a good news I supposed. I guess I m in real deep shit and in debt.

So many things undone yet as I have many things to buy and settle last but not least 3rd of May is coming which means my freedom is ending and my course is STARTING.

I shall hope everything will goes fine and smoothly. That's my wish.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Chinese New Year 2010

Eve was awesome, was on 24hours shift but was granted time-off to have reunion dinner for 5 hours. SHIOK!

1st Day and 2nd Day of Chinese New Year is as usual, relatives house for visiting.

And is 11th day of CNY! Omg everything just past so fast and I supposed I didn't enjoy enough. But in the actual fact I did.

Yesterday, 10th day of CNY, was on shift. PT was killing. I m so weak ever since I completed all my exams. Intervals was a killer and my tailbone was really pain now.

QRT and had movie marathon inside the room. Watched the Blind Side and the Stepfather. awesome and Poker till i drop on the sofa.
Alex - HAHA, very sorry for make the bed shaking and making so much noise in the middle of the night in QRT room.

Headed home at 10am. Napped and went out to meet Jonathan whom I known thru Nut 2 days ago. It is just so interesting about everything which happened now and then and really looking forward to every single thing.

Problematic* I m facing. Help pls. *Confused*

Friday, January 22, 2010
Finally Get Back To Blogging After A Month

Yes, been very busy with my life. I could say part of it is enjoying, on leave and part of it is on duties serving my NS days. Christmas was awesome one although didn't really had an enjoyable celebrations here and there, but I m on leave througout the month of December. Drinking was part of my life during those days. I know is bad for health. Oh well, IPPT was cleared with Gold which means I can start to slack and prepare for ORD.

No, not so soon to ORD, but I had clear all my tests. Okay let's stop think about that and move on to work. Month of January, being attached to Kilo Echo Troop for duties as my troop regulars having CQD course. So many things happening, deployments, exercises, ops javelin and acp which means my life started to get more and more tiring. SS days were usually my enjoyment days and yet now it started to be sleeping day for me and Off days were then the days I get out and enjoy.

OMG reshuffle of troopers, that's really bad and I supposed everyone who been transferred out will be missed. What's coming up? Deployments!!! Oh Shit.

Friday, December 18, 2009
Everything Went Wrong

2.43am this time. I couldn't sleep and I am still wondering what gone wrong to me today. It was SS day and was raining so damn heavily in the morning and I headed to Old Police Academy for my IPPT. Oh wells, arrived there with my drenched attired and Thank God, IPPT was cancelled. Back home straight.

Riding in the rain was so cold and painful but I didn't had a choice, since I already got wet so why not carry on riding. I can't find my cashcard anywhere and I need it badly. Luckily I got my ez-link card to replace to past through the ERP gantry! Arrived home and I realise that my ez-link card was lost too. WTH. How could it get lost. I really have no idea.

Took a afternoon nap. Feeling so energentic and watched Hot Shot and I m getting addicted to it and can't stop myself watching and loading in Youtube after loads and loads of Episode.

Hoping 22nd of Dec comes quickly and probably I can really be stress-less from all Tax, Bills, Insurance for the year.

Monday, December 07, 2009
Standard Chartered Marathon 09

Woke up 3.30am on event day itself. Had my breakfast and headed down to City for my Standard Chartered Marathon. Signed up full marathon this year and I was having a hard time. Didn't train for this marathon so after like 20 over km I m already having stiff calves and thighs sooner or later gonna get my cramps. Basically I limp all the way to the finish line clocking 6 hours 28 mins. Very bad time but yet a great experience. It was like a never ending run and you are just hoping for it to end. Whenever u see U-turn , your mind will tell you, WAH! hell man.

Just some moments and pictures during and event.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just came back from Cheryl & Samson birthday celebration or so called gathering at Timbre@ The Art House located somewhere near Victoria Concert Theatre Hall which Xiao Wen had celebrate her 20th last year.

Freaking shocking especially for my parents to see me getting home so early on a Friday night. Didn't make plans as I thought they had plan elsewhere for enjoyment or entertainment after chilling out at Timbre, in fact, they did not so Xiao Wen dragged me home. Kenny didn't want to go to our usual hangout as he was very tired as what he says. Train home with Xiao Wen & Evelyn. HOME-D!

Not feeling really good now, as my knee injuries had yet come back. 1 more day to my 42.195km full marathon yet I m suffering so much pain in my leg. I supposed my injuries can't be heal or cure but I just had to bear with it for the rest of my life even doing sports or playing volleyball.

December will be a busy yet free month for me. Applied and clearing my leave and also having loads of off days to clear. But one thing, I m broke, where to find extra moolahs to spend!? Having something very stressed up in my mind is my bike and the insurance and road tax needa to be renew will cause me a bomb?!!! At least 1k aside for my bike repair, insurance for next year and also road tax for next year. Had been discipline myself staying at home. Hope tonight gonna be a good night.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2

Just came home from collecting my race pack for this year Standard Chartered Marathon 09. Collected it at floating platform somewhere located beside DXO. After collection met up with the rest at Suntec City and proceed with some shopping spree. Didn't bought anything even XueYen got the 50% discount for G2000 while the rest bought at least a piece of clothes/pants. After shopping and we forwarded to bugis to shop for Cheryl & Samson birthday gifts.

Feeling abit tired and thristy, so decided to grab a cup of bubble tea before getting to our next location which is Orchard. Walked all the way to Selegie,Parklane. Decided not to go Orchard and yet we 3 went for some Lan Gaming. AHAHAHA! Although yesterday I had already had a session of L4D 2 with Kenny, yet today we played again. I swear it is damn fun, scary and exciting.

After the session, Dhoby Ghuat for dinner and headed back to bugis and took Bus back home. Meet up with favian and passed him his cheque and Fries and Orange Juice was for supper.

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